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Kernel Very small embedded operating system.
time server, sync server, device server is included.
FileSystem To support the filesystem functions, there is the filesystem server.
Network To support the network functions, there is the network server.
Window To support the graphic window functions, there is the window server.
HAL Porting the dooroos.Embedded to Hardware.
Device Driver Control the Device
Library Support Various Functions and Utilities.
Applications System Control Programs.


Server Concept Main function is designed by server concept and added to dooroos.Embedded. So, User-required server can be developed by server concept.
User developed library The in-house library can be added and applied to server-development.
Independecy The independency between modules increase the stability and make easy to debug.


Mutual Exclusion The resources is mutually exclusive between servers, then the expansion of required function is very easy.
Modulity The modules are separated in physical area.
Localized Error Propagation The problem of one module can not propagate to the others.


Small Memory Requirement The memory requirement of modules are very small. For example basic kernel memory requirement is about 12KB ROM and 3.5KB RAM.


Product Developement best product developement on modularity.
Easy Porting Strucure Intuitive functions and minimized hardware dempency.
Proper Technical Support Supports of Operation System Group.
Price Competitiveness Price Competitiveness of Developed products.