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HISTORY of dooroos.realtime

dooroos.realtime is released without any notification.
Please check the below released version number and change logs.

dooroos.realtime Build.1711170
November 17, 2017.

dooroos.realtime Build.1708080
August 08, 2017.

dooroos.realtime Build 1706280
July 03, 2017.

dooroos.realtime Build 1604140
April 14, 2016.

dooroos.realtime Build 1511300
November 30, 2015.

dooroos.realtime Build 1506020
June 3, 2015.

dooroos.realtime Build 1405220
2014 May 22nd

dooroos.realtime Build 1404180
2014 April 18th

dooroos.realtime Build 1402050
2014 March 3rd

dooroos.realtime Build 1307150
2013 July 15th

dooroos.realtime Build 1302140
2013 February 14th

dooroos.realtime Build 1301090
2013 February 4th

dooroos.realtime Build 1301090
2013 January 16th

dooroos.realtime Build 1208080
2012 July 16th

dooroos.realtime Build 1207160
2012 July 16th

dooroos.realtime Build 1204180
2012 April 18th

dooroos.realtime Build 1203120
2012 March 12th

dooroos.realtime Build 1111070
2011 November 7th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1103050
2011 March 5th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1011210
2010 November 16th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1009140
2010 September 14th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1006220
2010 June 28th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1004300
2010 May 3rd

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1003240
2010 March 30th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1003170
2010 March 17th

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.1003030
2010 March 3rd

JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0912140
2009 December 14th
JBOSN : filetime structure is changed. (same to SYSTEMTIME)
JBOSN : In ram filesystem, file info is added.
JBOSN : In fat filesystem, time related op is added.
JBOSN : FAT32 root directory entry error is fixed
JBOSN : linked list is modified.
JBOSN : some functions for device driver is added.
JBOSN : In tcp, reset command can not free the tcp resources any more. only close op can free.
JBOSN : In tcp, bind function can now be used in client socket to assign the local port.
In GL_TTF library, the multiple initialization is fixed.
In mtd library, the global variables are removed for the multiple thread creation.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0911240
2009 November 24th
JBOSN : Conditinal variable error is fixed.
JBOSN : Network address xx.xx.xx.e0 ~ xx.xx.xx.ef error is fixed.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0911120
2009 November 12rd
JBOSN : NwConnect problem is fixed.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0911060
2009 November 6
JBOSN : input packet should be checked the FIN and progress the sequence number always.
JBOSN : FIN of the packet with data is checked only and wakeup the reader.
JBOSN : In tcp mode, the simultaneous disconnection is fixed.
JBOSN : dynamic loading library (libmJexLoader.a) is updated.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0910300
2009 October 30
JBOSN : network protocol RARP packet is proccessed now.
JBOSN : The 5 internal packet buffer is now kept fot the internal use at least.
JBOSN : In TCP, network send/receive buffer size can be dinamically allocated in the before version, but the buffer is not freed. Now this problem is fixed.
JBOSN : In TCP, the listen queue flag is fixed on client close before the connection is accepted.
JBOSN : Socket handle is now encrypted.
JBOSN : library compile option is fixed, (-fPIC in JBOSN library).
JBOSN : In window server, WM_MESSAGE structure is opened.
JBOSN : toupper, tolower definition in 'ctype.h' is fixed.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.0910220
2009 October 22nd
JBOSN : FAT MBR extended partition is supported now.
JBOSN : netowk protocol for timeout and keepalive of tcp read function is fixed.
JBOSN : UpdateWidget function is modified. If the widget is hidden, there is no effect.
JBOSN : UpdateWindow function is modified. Even if the caller is not owner thread of window, it is updated now.
JBOSN : In listbox, LBN_SELCHANGE notification is always sent to the parent on the click or the arrow button press.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.09092400
2009 September 25th
JBOSN : RAM filesystem error is fixed.
JBOSN : FAT filesystem -> directory creation error is fixed.
JBOSN : FAT filesystem -> directory removing error is fixed.
Library : kfree error of taskheap library is fixed.
SDI : the 15,16 bit SDI is fixed.
emulator: emulator serial device driver error is fixed.
emulator: serial device driver error is fixed.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.09081900
2009 August 24th
JBSON : Naming Services for synchronization object handle, window handle, message channel handle and thread handle are added.
JBSON : Now support the DLL(Dynamic Linking Library) file.
JBSON : The heap management service for task (libtaskheap) is added.
JBSON : The previous heap library( kmallc, malloc, mallocos ) is not supported now.
SDI : the 15,16,24,32 bit display device SDI functions are opened and color bitmask is applied to SDI now.
GL Library : GL_CreateCompatibleBitmap, GL_DestroyCompatibleBitmap, GL_BitBlt is added.
GL Library : Hangul drawing in TTF is added.
Window Server : window handle naming service is added.
Network Server: network configuration structure is changed. (BE CAREFUL) (in kernel_main.c)
Network Server: socket option control function is added.
Network Server: NwSelect function is added and non-block mode(SO_NONBLOCK) is added also.
Device Server: SystemSleep API is added. this function is recommended instead SystemPowerOff.
emulator: serial device driver error is fixed.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.09060900
2009 June 11st
Window Server : BS_KEEPHOLD, BST_SELECTED is added.
Network Server: KEEPALIVE Packet is modified.
PNG/JPEG image file library is added.
GL Library : alpha-blending is added.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.09042200
2009 April 22nd
emulator : emulator is added.
emulator : emulator BSP is inserted.
emulator : emulator sample program is added.
graphic library : color conversion between 16bpp and 24bpp is modified.
JBOSN RTOS Verison : 2.0.09040600
2009 April 6th
graphic library : True Type font library is added.
window : BN_PUSHED, BN_UNPUSED button notification messages are added.
network : sequence number generation of ACK packet is changed on TCP connection.
rel. 02-00-09030400.
2009 Mar 10th
initial ram memory requirement is reduced (minimum requirement ram size is 8KByte.)
network: on tcp connection, 3 retry on reset packet. default gateway setting is modified. port allocation mechanism is modified.
Naming service is added : thread, synchronization, window handle.
library : memory block allocation library is added
library : inet_xxx function is modified.
rel. 02-00-09021300.
2009 Feb 13rd
library : atof 64bit proccessing, sprintf return error is fixed, setjmp, long jmp is added.
filesystem server : zero length file reading error fixed. file magic number check is added.
network server : keep-alive option problem is fixed.
first release on internet.
2009 January 7th